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European Masters Games Award

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Callsign Date Band Mode Rx Tx E.M.G. Op.
MW6HNN 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU
DL4JMN 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU
G4SQA 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU
M6WHH 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU
PD0DMU/ON 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU
F1AUF 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU
PA3GLK 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU
M0PLS/QRP 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU
M7PLO 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU
ON4AGY 04/08/2019 40 mt SSB 59 59 IW1FRU


1. Description
The Radio and the mass culture: in the occasion of the European Masters Games that will take place in Piedmont, the goal is to let the people who are going to attend sporting events know that together with sport, there is also the Radio, which in addition to being a global means of communication, due to the type of activities carried out for many enthusiasts, in some cases, it is also considered a Sport.
The common goal between Sport, Radio and Territory is the spirit of aggregation, fun and being in contact with nature. In fact, Radio Amateurs often and willingly participate in "competitions", going to the top of the mountains, near lakes and castles, even on the islands (lost and not) by loading on their shoulders Radio, Antennas, Batteries and even walking kilometers practicing "sport”remaining in the midst of nature and also enhancing the architectural, cultural and landscape works present in the area.
Then, The A.R.I  Club Stations of Turin, Ivrea and Pinerolo, decided to organize this Award together, in perfect "HAM Spirit".

2. Start / End
From 00.00 UTC Tuesday 2 July 2019 to 23.59 UTC Sunday 4 August 2019.

3. OM - QSO
The Award is issued after contacting  the accredited amateur stations of Turin, Ivrea and Pinerolo A.R.I. Club Stations, plus the Special Station II1EMG.
Each accredited station can be connected only once for each band and for each mode, that means “only one QSO” for the whole period of award.
The accredited stations will transmit "Station valid for the European Masters Games Award", in the period indicated at Point 2 of this regulation, as per the following calendar:
a) From 2 July to 4 August 2019: accredited stations.
b) From 26 July to 4 August 2019: the Special Station II1EMG.
2-way QSOs with exchange of the R / S ratio only (R / S / T for CW and digital modes) are valid.

4. Bands
HF (1.8 - 30 Mhz), VHF (50/144/432/1200 Mhz).

5. Modes
CW, SSB and digital modes. For the VHF / UHF bands, connections through the use of repeaters and / or satellite are not allowed.

6. How obtain the Award
To obtain the Award, it will be sufficient to have connected / listened  5 (five) different accredited stations, plus at least 1 (one) connection / listening with the Special Station.
There are no rankings and / or scores.

7. Award release
The Award is free and does not require the sending of QSL cards or confirmation of the connections.
It will be possible to download the Award file in digital high resolution A4 format, without registration, and through the site, at the end of the event.

8. Log
a) OM stations: it is not necessary to send the log extract, because all the QSOs will be registered on the platform
b) SWL Stations: they will have to send the log extract (in Excel format) of the listenings made, to the email address:

DATE Evento/Events Location A.R.I. operator Call Accreditated
Band and Mode
27/07/2019 Cerimonia di Apertura
Open Cerimony
Centro di Torino
Center of Turin
28/07/2019 Vertical Run Forte di Fenestrelle
Fenestrelle Fortress
A.R.I. Pinerolo II1EMG ALL ALL
29/07/2019 Beach Volley - Volley Lingotto Sporting center
Via Ventimiglia (TO)
30/07/2019 Golf Local A.R.I. HQ A.R.I. Torino II1EMG ALL ALL
31/07/2019 Tiro con l'Arco
Castello di Rivoli
Rivoli Castle 
01/08/2019 Canottaggio
Boat Racing
Local A.R.I. HQ A.R.I. Ivrea II1EMG ALL ALL
02/08/2019 Atletica
Stadio primo Nebbiolo - Parco Ruffini
Nebbiolo Stadiumo - Ruffini Park
03/08/2019 Kayak Stadio della Canoa - Ivrea (TO)
Cayak Stadium - Ivrea (TO)
04/08/2019 Ceromonia di Chiusura
Closing Cerimony
Local A.R.I. HQ A.R.I. Torino II1EMG ALL ALL

Sport, Culture and Art live here!

The European Masters Games are an international sporting event that takes place every four years in order to promote physical activity and wide-ranging initiatives that enhance the values ​​of sport, create aggregation and promote the knowledge of the territory. The event aims at socialization among athletes who have turned 30, through sports competitions, entertainment and cultural activities.
The context in which the Games are held is very important. Turin welcomes the Masters offering a varied and rich cultural, artistic and naturalistic patrimony: Royal Residences, courtly squares and protected areas of the UNESCO’s heritage. The sports competitions will be held in prestigious competition venues: parks, scenic routes and historical of the territory.

The Torino 2019 EMG are open to athletes from all over the world. The basic requisites are: to love sport, to want to compete, to stay in company, to have fun and enjoy the Piedmontese architectural and food and wine beauties.
There are 30 sports: from basketball to football, from badminton to swimming, from golf to archery.

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